Interaction of designers and service operation of the data center: the ideal and the reality

07.03.2017 11:31:15

Aleksey Nikishin

Interaction of designers with the operations department and maintenance services plays an important role in the operation of the data center. Moreover, the interaction with the repair service even is more important, because in Russian practice management services often repair nothing on the objects by themselves, but only record the malfunction or accident and call the service department.

In addition, the project is often ordered to one company, installation — to the other and in case of repair and service a third company is invited. It is difficult to talk about any productive interaction of the parts in the scheme. The way out is to control the project from the customer’s side, if he has the appropriate expertise, or to conduct an independent examination of the project, which, however, increases its cost.

From the point of view of iteration, the most reasonable and sensible approach is the approach in which the project development is entrusted to the company, which has project department, do arrangements and service. Then the project will be a kind of internal audit that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the quality of the project and its implementation, and operation of the built facility at different stages of development.

Unfortunately, customers in Russia often do not even think about quality control of the project during its execution, blindly relying on the qualifications of designers.

Regardless of the above schemes the accepted truth remains true: designers must often visit their objects, and further meet with operations department, repairing and service of existing data centers. The second happens very infrequently, but that, alas, the Russian reality. In fairness it must be said that the design of the access to visit the existing data centers, as a rule, is fraught with challenges that can also be attributed to the reality, not only to the Russian realty.

Is the gap between ideal and realty reducing? In order not to seem pessimistic, let’s say, that it is, as everyone involved in the process is interested in it.