Cooling system
Undisturbed operation of high-tech facilities is directly dependent on the qualities of air-conditioning and ventilation systems. We have accumulated our experience in the development and application of precision equipment to ensure high efficiency and reliability of all-year maintenance of the set parameters of the microclimate in the premises. Flexibility of solutions and low operation costs give additional benefits for the entire IT-infrastructure of the customer.
Power-supply system
Continuity of work of up-to-date high-tech equipment depends on the teamwork of many systems, requiring uninterrupted power-supply.
In the process of designing and calculating of the volume of the power-supply system all the available devices: UPS, generators, electric transformers, heating, ventilation and air–conditioning, lighting devices, etc. are taken into account. Assessment of needs for energy supply should be made with regard to the required redundancy and the future growth.
Our Power-supply Department offers comprehensive and power efficient solutions of qualitative electricity supply of the technological object that allows your business to run smoothly.
Systems of access control, burglar alarm and video surveillance
Each object must be protected from outside penetration. Modern technologies allow installing advanced manufacturing sciences of access control, alarms and video surveillance.
With the help of these systems you can control the date and time of passes of the staff in the premises, to identify employees, track their movement on the protected object, to restrict access to the premises, maintain a database of employees and visitors, to carry out a visual inspection of the object in real–time mode, record and store information, to create archives of recordings, etc.
Object security is prima facie.
Backup uninterruptible power supply
Standby power supply is installed to prevent knocks–off of the operation equipment; it is often a diesel generator unit (DGU). In case of emergency conditions, diesel generator starts automatically and it allows to reduce, if not eliminate, financial losses. When designing back-up systems it is important to calculate the capacity of the DGU for the normal functioning of the object in the whole.
We distinguish the system of guaranteed supply as a system, which is responsible for the quality, reliability and security of supply of responsible consumers.
Automation and scheduling systems
Modern high-tech facility is a set of complex engineering systems. Unexpected troubles and malfunctions may negatively affect the object as a whole, so systems of scheduling and automation quickly and efficiently respond to abnormal events and make a rescue.
With the help of these systems you will be able to install centralized monitoring and management of engineering systems, reduce energy consumption, optimize the performance of engineering equipment, organize access restriction to the information, promptly report of malfunctions of equipment, provide automatic accumulation and storage of information on the functioning of the systems, increase the comfort level of technological object, etc.
Gaseous suppression system
The object safety and continuous work of all engineering systems is a primary task. Any smoke generation can stop the operation of the facility and it can lead to a crash or failure of the equipment. To avoid such cases you need to take care of fire safety of your object.
We offer to establish a modern gaseous suppression system that provides maximum protection and reliability.
Raised floor
Raised floor is used for comfortable wiring of engineering systems and the location of the large number of cables. Raised floor is a heavy duty, comfortable revetment, which gives aesthetically pleasing appearance to the object.