About the Company

The company «AMD Technologies» provides a full range of engineering services for business: concept development, design, equipment supply, construction-and-assembling and start-and-adjustment operations, implementation and maintenance of the facility.
Own staff of highly qualified in the most critical engineering systems specialists, the ability to find optimal solutions for the assigned tasks plus the number of successful projects since 2007 — all this allows us to take leading positions in the engineering market.
Most engineering systems of processing of air-conditioning, ventilation system and power-supply are implemented by our own units.
Solution of all tasks by own resources
Assistance in the development and protection of the budget, business plan
Own industrial and warehouse base
Сompletely transparent performance of the company
The broadest range of services among specialized companies
Around-the-clock service
Independence from brands and vendors
The whole cycle of the project from start to finish
The number of employees is more than 100
4 certified experts from Uptime Institute
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