The company «AMDtechnologies» for the first time entered the top-100 largest IT companies of the Russian Federation in 2018

08.06.2018 07:22:21

According to the results of 2017, AMD Technologies for the first time entered the top 100 largest IT companies in Russia in 2018 on the version of the analytical center TAdviser. The company took the 81st line, showing revenue of 1.167 billion rubles.

The company "AMD Technologies" increased its revenue by 37%. In the meantime, according to TAdviser, the total revenue of the 100 largest IT companies in Russia has increased by only n% 10%. The total size of the top-100 business exceeded the value of 1.35 trillion rubles, which is more than 200 billion rubles more than the previous ranking.

Despite these results, the rankings of 2018 lost a number of IT companies, as early as last year they claimed the role of market leaders. Among them are several companies specializing in, among others, construction of data centers. According to the experts, one of the main reasons for such serious losses is the lack of flexibility and a number of strategic mistakes, such as the slow transformation of the business under the changing market conditions and insufficient investment in own competencies in key and currently most promising areas.

For 2016-2017 years, the margins of IT projects have seriously decreased, but the competition has grown, which has allowed it to significantly strengthen its positions to mid-level companies. So, in 2018, rankings were enriched by a whole list of companies participating for the first time in the overall standings, but having already managed to squeeze out their competitors' lines.

"Today our rate   is 100% responsible for   critical systems and   parts of the project. Now our team is in the optimal composition and form for performing the most complex engineering and integration tasks. We also invest a lot in the development of technologies and our own competencies to always take a step, and somewhere and at least two to be ahead of the competition,   - comments on the results of the year CEO the company "AMDtechnology" Maxim Sohan.